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Rehabilitation at the HELIOS Group’s rehabilitation clinics

The HELIOS rehabilitation clinics specialise in medical rehabilitation and are leaders in the provision of quality follow-up treatment. The scope of services offered by the 25 rehabilitation clinics covers outpatient, semi-inpatient and inpatient care. The high standard of medicine at the HELIOS clinics stems from many years of experience in the area of medical rehabilitation and is maintained by regular training and quality control. The treatment of complex illnesses demands a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sports scientists, speech therapists, nutritionists, social workers and remedial teachers. The teams at each of our clinics are assigned according to the specific range of treatment provided and offer specialised therapy options that require particular qualifications.

In our rehabilitation clinics, we have made it our task to restore skills or bodily functions impaired by acute illness and to heal or at least relieve chronic pain and suffering wherever possible. Some of the services we offer can only be found in Germany, at least to the standard we provide. On the one hand, the rehabilitation we provide represents an important supplement to both the acute and outpatient treatment services offered by the HELIOS Clinic Group. On the other hand, these rehabilitation services are also available to patients who have previously been treated elsewhere. We offer follow-up care for acute treatment conducted outside Germany and the treatment of chronic illnesses. The geographic locations and medical specialisations of our rehabilitation clinics fit very well into the care-giving structure of the HELIOS Clinic Group and almost all of them are situated close to an international airport.

The particular areas of specialisation of our rehabilitation clinics include neurological, orthopaedic, internal/cardiological and oncological diseases. In the area of neurological rehabilitation, our clinics are set up to provide the full spectrum of treatment, from the early rehabilitation of severely affected patients to their ongoing treatment and eventual reintegration into active life. Three of our neurological clinics specialise in the treatment of children and youths afflicted with minor and severe conditions alike.


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