Medical Care

In the HELIOS Clinic Hohenstücken, infants, children, adolescents and young adults with all neurological diseases of every level of severity are treated. The spectrum ranges from severely affected ventilated patients with a tracheotomy to mobile patients. We take on acutely neurologically-ill patients (e.g. after accidents or births) after the acute phase in the hospital and treat them from the first phase of early rehabilitation onwards. Our intensive care unit, with ventilators and monitoring options, ensures the earliest possible start of an intensive therapy. Patients with spinal cord diseases/injuries are cared for in a specialised department, which belongs to the designated treatment centres for paraplegia. We can take on chronically neurologically ill patients in every phase of the course of the disease and in every state of health.

The clinic offers an extensive range of therapies:  the basis is the qualified medical and nursing care. Apart from physiotherapy, ergo therapy and speech therapy, our clinic also has at its disposal creative methods of treatment such as music therapy or curative educational horse riding therapy with our own indoor riding arena. Water therapies, sport therapies and massages are equally part of the programmes offered, as is alternative communication. An important point is the supply of suitable aids, for which we give you competent advice.

The aim of our work, regardless of the present injury or illness, is to attain a maximum level of functioning and quality of life for your child through rehabilitation. Also, in the case of the most serious injuries, we can, with small but important steps in the right direction, substantially improve the quality of life, even in cases where, in spite of the most modern rehabilitation options, a full recovery is not possible. The task of our clinic is rehabilitation. We work closely together with other clinics if further diagnostic investigations or surgery are necessary for the course of rehabilitation.

The following neurological symptoms are treated in our clinic:

  • Serious and severe 
  • skull and brain injuries and diseases
  • spinal cord diseases
  • impairment after birth
  • Muscle disorders
  • Epilepsies
  • Eating disorders
  • Spastic movement disorders


  • HELIOS International Office Lutherplatz 40
    47805 Krefeld (Düsseldorf)
    Phone +49 30 68 323 885 Fax +49 21 51 32 1908