HELIOS Clinic Hohenstücken

The HELIOS Clinic Hohenstücken is a neurological rehabilitation centre for infants, children, adolescents and young adults, with 155 beds and more than 200 employees.
For more than 13 years, all neurological diseases and injuries of every level of severity have been treated in our clinic.
The HELIOS Clinic Hohenstücken is situated approximately 60 kilometres west of Berlin in the town of Brandenburg, and can easily be reached by train or car.
In addition to the 20 beds in the Intensive Care Unit with multiple respiration units, there are five further wards, all with single and double rooms, including shower, WC and television. Accommodation for accompanying persons (family relatives) is available both in the rooms on the wards, as well as in one of our separate guest wings.

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  • HELIOS International Office Lutherplatz 40
    47805 Krefeld (Düsseldorf)
    Phone +49 30 68 323 885 Fax +49 21 51 32 1908