HELIOS Clinic Hattingen

Specialist clinic for neurosurgical and neurological rehabilitation
adults - adolescents - children

The HELIOS Clinic Hattingen is a specialist clinic for neurosurgical and neurological rehabilitation for adults, adolescents and children. It offers 210 beds for adults and 60 beds for children and adolescents. The clinic offers the appropriate follow-up treatment/rehabilitation for neurosurgically and neurologically pretreated patients in the early and subsequent phases of rehabilitation (Phase B/C+, C and D). More than 2,500 patients are treated in the HELIOS Clinic Hattingen annually.

The HELIOS Clinic Hattingen is located in the same-named suburb of Hattingen, in the Ennepe-Ruhr district of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The region offers a wealth of recreational areas, backed by the infrastructure of Europe’s strongest economic area. The Ruhr region towns are all easily accessible by all means of transport. The area surrounding Hattingen is very beautiful. With its historic old town, Hattingen is a popular destination. The ‘Elfringhauser Schweiz’ begins just south of the idyllic Ruhr Valley as part of the ‘Bergisches Land’.

Patients and their relatives should feel at home in our clinic. A pleasant and friendly atmosphere constitutes an important point of the recovery process. The patients’ rooms are barrier-free and equipped with shower and toilet. A telephone next to each patient's bed is part of our standard programme. In the adult section, radios and TVs with satellite reception and international channels are available free of charge.

In the HELIOS Clinic Hattingen, follow-up treatments / follow-up rehabilitation measures of phases B/C plus, C and D after a stay in hospital, as well as rehabilitation measures of phases C to D, are carried out.

To be able to meet the diversity of the symptoms associated with persons suffering from neurological-neurosurgical diseases, an individual therapy plan is created according to the therapeutic targets. Depending on the course of treatment, modifications of the main points of the therapy are required. The treatment is not ‘efficiency-oriented’ but focuses on patients’ individual strengths. The aim is to reintegrate patients into the family environment, everyday schooling, vocational training, or professional activity. For children and adolescents, decisions made during rehabilitation determine the course of development for a long time. Curative education and educational measures complement the therapeutic offer accordingly. 

We wish you a good recovery in the HELIOS Clinic Hattingen.

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