Bad Ems

Helios Clinic Bad Ems

The AOK Clinic Bad Ems is a specialist clinic for cardiology and orthopaedic rehabilitation and is scenically situated on the Lahn River in the traditional "Kaiserbad" (former Emperor's bath) Bad Ems. Treated patients include those that wish to be fit again after, for example, a heart attack or hip joint implant.

We wish to ensure that our patients feel comfortable in Bad Ems and help them take up their former capabilities as quickly as possible. To do this, we offer modern medicine in combination with outstanding service and comfortable accommodation in our AOK Clinic Bad Ems.

Presentation of the specialist departments

The most common indications for follow-up treatment in the orthopaedic
department of the HELIOS AOK Clinic are:
Pronounced joint instability and deficiency in the movement of joints immediately after previous conservative or operative treatment of bone or joint disorders, including bone and joint replacement surgery or joint prosthesis replacement (total endoprostheses of the hip, the knee and the shoulder joints).
The indication for cardiological rehabilitation is given if rehabilitation is necessary. This means that damage to the body structure (e.g. of the heart) or the body function (e.g. pump function of the heart) are present due to the cardiovascular diseases, and these restrict everyday activities, prevent full participation in social activities, and require rehabilitation services above and beyond curative treatment.

Options/prospects through therapy

In the AOK Clinic Bad Ems, the following physical services are available:

  • Physiotherapy/occupational therapy
  • Exercise pool
  • Massage
  • Electrotherapy, etc.

In addition, the Clinic has a large gym and/or multi-purpose hall, a fitness room, an educational kitchen, as well as several group therapy rooms. Dialysis patients have the possibility of going for dialysis in the immediate vicinity of the Clinic.

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  • HELIOS International Office Lutherplatz 40
    47805 Krefeld (Düsseldorf)
    Phone +49 30 68 323 885 Fax +49 21 51 32 1908