ENDO Reha Center Hamburg


The ENDO Rehab Centre offers its patients ambulatory as well as in-patient rehabilitation with individual medical care. If you live in Hamburg and surroundings we can accompany you on our way to recovery true to the motto “Rehab in the morning – at home at night” and you can benefit from the many advantages of the close-to-home ambulatory Rehab. 

If you would rather enjoy the advantages of in-patient Rehab you are also right with us. In our rooms with modern Hotel character you will feel comfortable all round.  

As our patient you will profit from continuous medical and therapeutic care and extremely short paths. With our experienced interdisciplinary treatment team we ensure excellent medical care and an extensive range of treatment. 

Therapy takes place on about 2000qm in a training area flooded with light which is equipped with the newest, partially computer-aided machines and a stunning view over Hamburg. 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your Therapy

We offer the following therapies:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Lymph drainage
  • Warm- and cold treatments
  • Medical training therapy
  • Physiotherapy with apparatus
  • Ergotherapy
  • Wellness area with 3 different saunas and a rainforest shower
  • Seminars and training courses
  • Relaxation training
  • Psychological counseling
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Health sports/ prevention courses
  • Social counseling
  • Kinesio Tape
  • Therapy pool
  • Reha-sports
  • Medical health training/ „Hamburg vital“


  • HELIOS International Office Lutherplatz 40
    47805 Krefeld (Düsseldorf)
    Phone +49 30 68 323 885 Fax +49 21 51 32 1908